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Andraya Stender Real Estate

Andraya Stender Real Estate
Des Moines, IA
Web Design

We were thrilled to collaborate with Andraya Stender Real Estate, an Ankeny and Des Moines Metro area based real estate company, to create a brand identity and website that accurately represents their values and services. Our goal was to create a brand that reflects their commitment to providing a personalized and meaningful experience to each of their clients.

To achieve this, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included a new logo, color palette, and visual elements that capture the essence of their business. The new logo features a clean and modern design that reflects their expertise in the real estate industry, while the color palette emphasizes the warmth and approachability of their brand.

We also focused on creating a website that is both user-friendly and visually appealing. Our team worked closely with Andraya Stender Real Estate to understand their unique services and how they can best showcase them to their clients. The website we created features easy navigation, clear and concise information about their services, and a streamlined process for clients to contact them.

Overall, we are proud of the brand identity and website we created for Andraya Stender Real Estate, and are confident that it accurately represents their values and services.


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