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Des Moines , Nebraska, Eastern Iowa
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Our website design project for the IIDA Great Plains Chapter is bringing our vision to life. We are cultivating a design community that inspires excellence and fosters growth within our chapter. Through engaging content and meaningful experiences, we provide our members with valuable resources and opportunities to positively impact their professional journeys. Our website is a welcoming and inclusive digital space, where design professionals from various backgrounds connect, collaborate, and learn from each other. We establish strong networks, both within our chapter and with external partners, promoting collaboration and elevating the design industry in the Great Plains region. Mentorship is a cornerstone of our website, offering guidance and support for students and professionals at all stages of their careers. We bridge the gap between City Centers and Campus Centers, fostering connections and synergy between design professionals and emerging talent. The website also serves as a platform to celebrate exceptional design through our annual Interior Design Excellence Awards, recognizing and showcasing outstanding talent within our region. Our communication channels amplify the presence of our valued sponsors, creating mutually beneficial relationships and increasing their visibility. With a user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, our website empowers members to explore, engage, and contribute to the vibrant design community of the IIDA Great Plains Chapter. Together, we shape the future of interior design and promote its significance in creating impactful and inspiring spaces.


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